Daily Diva Dash, week 3. 19 August 2015


A BethSo the best part begins for me, going down to smaller brushes for adding in the detail. Whenever I start a painting, after a week or so, I look at what I have achieved with bigger brushes and much looser work and think I should leave it like that. But the fine artist in me always wins out and I go for the detail. Maybe I should try and stop at the early stages with a painting – feedback welcome here ?

I have been putting in highlights to the left of the painting as the composition is lit from a window which I felt did not help the work by being put into the picture. I have softened the light from the overhead lamp by introducing more muted shades of yellow ochre to compliment the purple shades above the girl’s head – complimentary colours always work by the way, Google the colour wheel for more on this aspect of colour.

Next week should see the final details of the wine glass, mirror etc., and of course the gold ring! I have added in some detail on the shoes but am not sure whether I will keep that bit of glitz yet, may put it somewhere else on the shoes.

I am excited by the interest in this current uncommissioned work and it has given me a new perspective on how to deal with this. For future uncommissioned works my price will be set after the first week. This will give possible buyers a chance to bid on a first come, first served basis and will save me disappointing future clients. Not sure what people think about this and again I would welcome feedback. I am thinking of pricing this work at @ £275 at the moment.

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