New Work, Week1, ‘Christmas is Over’ 6 Jan 2016



The original photo has a Christmas tree in the background that I was going to leave out. However I then decided that it would add colour to what would be another monochromatic painting (apart from the fabulous red hair) and add balance to the composition so have left it in.  The odd red bauble will also add interest I think. The Christmas tree also lent itself immediately to the title I have given this work.

I am greatly indebted to Tom and Natalie Snow (@snowglobeman on Twitter) for the use of this photograph of Natalie. I hope I can do justice to her beauty. By the way, do have a look at Thomas’ wonderful sensual poetry, great talent there.

I may yet change the colour of the dress as at the moment it is too similar to the sofa, but time will tell. The best part for me though is the fabulous red hair and I am really looking forward to getting down to all the detail and lights and darks that can be painted into such luminous hair.

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