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Elaine de Kooning

I am putting up two quotes by female artists this week as I feel they are both relevant to me and my work in a way.  I have not exactly been terrified all my life as has Georgia O’Keefe, but I have certainly had to surmount numerous obstacles throughout my life to get me where I want to be now, being a full time artist painting every day and loving it.   And Elaine De Kooning, well I know exactly where she is coming from;  but I have been so lucky in discovering Twitter and building up a core of followers who like my work, give me good feedback and encourage me on and this has been a HUGE help in my moving forward.  So thank you, thank you to all those on Twitter who follow me.  You have no idea how much you have helped me! And by the way, I don’t think female artists are tougher as Georgia says, we all have very thin skins when it comes to our work…

It is women who interest me, and whom I want to paint.  I want to paint strong, independent women, happy in their own skin, just doing their own thing, whether it be reading, drinking, dressing, dancing or whatever;  a moment in time that I capture and put on canvas.  I try not to have too static a pose, so that the viewer is glimpsing the woman doing something quite ordinary, but I do add my Mediterranean colours whenever I can to make the painting ‘mine’ as it were.

This week I have enjoyed building up the colours, shapes and tones on this work.  The woman’s dress is now going to be cobalt blue as I felt there was too much grey in the painting.  I am also adding more colour to the Christmas tree for the same reason. The floor shading needs to be toned down next week. Looking forward to getting down to the detail next.

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