New Work, Week 3, ‘Christmas is Over’. 20 Jan 2016


A Nat

I like being a female artist painting women.  Women interest me for different reasons.  Sometimes I like to paint their vulnerability, at other times I want to portray their strengths and their confidence in their own bodies.  Another time I just want to paint them in domestic scenes like this one above, reading quietly.  Next one, however, I think will be women enjoying themselves out on the town….margueritas to the ready.

A useful tip for all artists;  if you hold your work up to a mirror you will see its imperfections.  Likewise turn it upside down and again you will see any mistakes.  I think the eye is so trained to look at the image in front of it that the viewer becomes impervious to any errors.  Looking in a mirror or turning it upside down and the eye has to start again.  That is my view anyway, and what I see straightaway is the nose is looking a bit bulbous, something I just didn’t see before.  So, to be worked on by next week.

I put a glaze of burnt sienna over the flesh tones, which I have also put into the girl’s hair and into the carpet.  By using the colours I already have on my palette I can unify the whole painting;  likewise I have added a little into the grey of the sofa, and have added a little grey into the colour of the carpet.  Seems to work good.

The same happens with the cobalt blue of the dress;  I have mixed a little into the darker tones of the hair.  For some reason I have never been a fan of basic brown, so if I can get away with using a different colour I will make use of that.  The cobalt blue in the hair draws the eye to the dress and vice versa.

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