‘Is He With Her Now?’ Week 1. 22 June 2016




A complete change from my recent paintings. Much as I love my quiet domestic scenes, women doing just ordinary tasks like drying their hair or chopping vegetables, I was itching to get back to my Mediterranean colours, the blues, purples pinks and yellows that lift the heart.

So……I began with a beach babe in her bikini in the sunshine and then decided to add a twist. She would have her hat over her face and hands slightly clenched with tension. She is a beautiful woman with a lovely figure, the whole world at her feet. But…..

She is wondering where here husband/partner is. Is he with his new woman as she suspects he is having an affair? Has he tired of this wife of his? I wanted to convey that you can be the perfect woman,  but you can still lack self-confidence and have gut wrenching doubts about your relationship.

Or this woman could be just fast asleep in the sunshine!

This is oil on canvas and is 24 x 18″.

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  1. June 23, 2016 by David J. Rogers

    I love the blue water which has also been fascinating in some of your previous paintings. The title of the painting tells the whole story. You seem to be working very steadily. Have a great end of the week and weekend.

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