‘Don’t Be A Dick’ work in progress 27/04/17



My son takes great exception to the fact that there is no apostrophe in the lettering in the cafe window featured here.  He thinks I should put the apostrophe into the ‘Dont’.   Normally I would agree, but the lettering doesn’t feature in the original, and as I hope this painting will one day soon hang in the gallery opposite the cafe, I feel it must reflect what the cafe shows.  Sorry son…..

The gallery is the red building reflected in the cafe window and is State Of The Art on Shortmarket Street in Cape Town ( ).  Drop in if you are passing, especially on First Thursdays when loads of galleries stay open in the evening on the first Thursday of the month in Cape Town.  So much great art to see.

I am getting down to the detailon this piece and should start pulling it altogether next week. Really becoming one of my favourite artworks.  Painting large works for me.

If you are in Bristol UK at the moment, go along to a great restaurant off Millenium Square which is showcasing an exhibition of art by Clifton Arts Club.  I am showing some of my art there and the restaurant is a great, quirky, vibey place which is a big supporter of the arts.  Lots of interesting things to look at, quite apart from the excellent art.

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