‘Global Warming’ completed. 01/03/2018


My inspiration for this work comes from @fanakapan and @nunovviegas, two incredibly talented street artists.  I saw this piece and had the germ of an idea for a global warming painting.  Aerosols are apparently so bad for the environment but without them we wouldn’t have the wonderful street art in our cities and how would we women keep our hair in place?  Slightly tongue in cheek work this artwork.

I know I would miss hugely the street art and graffiti in my home town Bristol.  Upfest (urban paint festival) takes place each year on North Street where I live.  Street Artists from all over the world descend on my street and cover every available hoarding, wall, boards etc,. with amazing art.   I know that street art by its nature is ephemeral as it gets painted over regularly and this is why I incorporate it into my own work.  I want to preserve this beautiful street art and by featuring my trademark woman somewhere in the composition, I am producing my own vision.  The 3D woman changes the 2D street art dynamic, bringing life to the street art and vice versa.

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