‘Bristol rover meets Bristol City’. 13/06/2019

This is a play on the two football teams we in Bristol are lucky to have; Bristol Rovers and Bristol City.  I came across the two new City posters  ‘Robins’ on North Street where I live and the germ of an idea came to me.  The Robin is the new logo for Bristol City and Ashton Gate Stadium, home to Bristol City (and recent Spice Girls venue), is down the road from North Street. My area, Bedminster, is a big City supporter. North Street plays host to Upfest, Urban Paint Festival,  each year, when street artists from all over the world descend on Bristol and paint every available wall space with beautiful sometimes thought provoking street art.  I’m thinking @jody_artist here !  I am so lucky to have all this inspirational art to work into my compositions.  I always try and obtain the street artist’s permission before I incorporate their street art into my own work. Bristol Rovers supporters wear blue, Bristol City red, so I had the idea of placing my trademark woman in blue walking past the red Robins.  As always in my work, the positioning of the woman changes the dynamic of the street art and vice…
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Sale of ‘North Street Blues’

It’s always so good to see my artwork in a new home and I am grateful when clients take the time to photograph it and post it on social media.  So thank you, as this was one of my favourites.  I use streetart in my compositions as I am keen to promote and preserve this ephemeral art.   This is one of the first street arts I incorporated into my work and it is by the amazing street artist @paulmonsters.  He describes himself as a pattern maker on Instagram and I find his colourful geometric shapes fun and uplifting.    The streetart was part of the Upfest festival on my street in Bristol, UK. As people who read my Blog will know, I place a woman somewhere in the foreground which changes the dynamic of the street art, the 3d woman bringing the 2d streetart to life and vice versa.  In this piece I feel the woman on the wall is watching the woman in red walking past her and wondering why she didn’t notice her.   I wanted to show the bright midday sunshine on the girl walking, described by her shadow on the pavement, as it seems harder/harsher. The…
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‘Sun Seekers’. Completed 13.03.2019

This is my first experiment with gold leaf and I have enjoyed the process.  It adds colour and vibrancy to the monotone shades of the streetart and highlights the girl standing gazing up into the sun.  I have not used real gold leaf as I can’t afford it (yet), but I am happy with the outcome. I painted a small piece first (18 x 24 cm) to test out a) the composition and b) the use of the goldleaf and it sold the day it went into the gallery   North Gallery on North Street here in Bedminster, Bristol, UK ( so I felt I was doing something right. I saw the street artist @pietrodriguez painting this wonderful street art opposite where I live on North Street, home to the Urban Paint Festival known as Upfest and asked his permission to use it in my composition.  He kindly agreed.  I am indebted to Emily White as my muse for this piece (@ablemabeldesigns). I have titled this artwork ‘Sun Seekers’ as both girl and street art are looking upwards in search of the sun. Hopefully this piece will be available to buy from Great White Art gallery ( in Bristol once…
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