‘Back to Black’ completed 18.10.2018

I had previously given a different piece this title, but decided this painting lent itself more to it.  The blonde woman with her back to the black haired Amy.   The previous painting (see recent Blogs) is now to be called ‘You Know I’m No Good’ which is the work with Amy wearing Union Jack wings. Both these artworks and three others will be on show along with recent  paintings from Bristol at Roy’s People Art Fair in London to be held from 1-4 November.  The exhibition is at Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf  and I will be there for the duration. Please come along and introduce yourself to me as I welcome meeting people and talking about my work. I decided to paint a small series of works for the Art Fair based around Amy Winehouse, one of  my heroines.  In this work, the very modern woman of our times is so busy on her smartphone she is completely oblivious to her surroundings and the stunning street art behind her.  This particular street art is in Camden, Amy’s stomping ground and I knew I had to feature it in my own composition. If you would like to be kept up…
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Detail from new work in progress 11.10.2018

  This will be the last of my current series of works based on Amy Winehouse.  I am taking part in Roy’s People Art Fair 1-4 at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London and am desperately trying to complete it in time for the oil paint to dry and then temporary varnishing, oh and of course framing 🙂 I saw this wonderful street art of Amy in Camden last year and immediately thought it would work in one of my compositions.  It is painted by @zabouartist and I have her permission to incorporate it into my own painting.  Amy is featured lying on her side looking directly at you, holding a microphone. I am painting my trademark woman in the middle of the street art with her back to Amy, busy looking at her phone.  To me the work is showing how the woman is so absorbed in her smartphone she is completely oblivious of the beautiful, poignant art behind her.  It is perhaps a metaphor of our own relationship to our phones.  We are not ‘smelling the roses’ any more. I decided to have the model in a dress that Amy might have worn, and I think she would have…
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‘Hello Camden’ completed 04/10/2018

I saw this sign whilst waiting to cross the road just out of Camden Town tube station.  I liked the colour of the Hello Camden wall (its more turquoise in my painting, couldn’t quite get the photo quality right).   I have used slight artistic licence in removing some of the other signs and making the pedestrian crossing box more luminous yellow.  Hey, it’s my painting and I can do what I want 🙂 I had the idea of having my woman walking in tandem with the green man of the pedestrian crossing light, and have her in a red dress to complement the colour wheel theory of the green man. Her pose is one of my bugbears of today;  she is so busy looking at her smartphone she can’t see the wonders of the world going on around her.  I am also guilty of this.  Camden can be messy late at night, but just outside that Tube station there is SO much going on, all life is there, all the time.  And she is missing it. This piece is another on my series for Roy’s People Art Fair at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London from 1-4 November.  Please…
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