Work in progress, second detail. 30.08.18

So this is the second part of a painting I started recently.  Last week’s Blog explains the first part.   There is still work to do on this part of the painting.  I need to get my straight lines straighter, the ground knocked back more, highlights on the dress and hair, etc, etc.  Being an artist is difficult for me sometimes as I am so impatient.  I have the idea and enthusiasm to start a new piece, I get completely in to the painting, but then I want the painting finished so I can move on to the next idea.  However, the details in the finish are essential to complete the work and ‘make it sing’ as an art tutor told me a long time ago.  So next week, the fluorescent oil paints will come into play to lift the painting (found online as they are impossible to buy in the UK for some reason, acrylics no problem, oils impossible). I am now on a deadline to produce work for RoysPeopleArtFair to be held in London at The Oxo Tower 1-4 November.  I am very excited about this, but my problem always is that oil paint takes a while to…
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New work in progress detail. 23.08.18

I am now busy preparing new work for an Art Fair this November in London, which will be at the Oxo Tower (  More details in future blogs.  I am hugely excited. I want the theme of my work to be based on Amy Winehouse, a singer of immense talent, gone too soon.  I have been in touch with her mother about this, as we are known to each other on Twitter, to ask if it would be ok for me to use titles from Amy’s records as titles to my artworks for this London Fair.  I do not want to upset anyone here, Janis Winehouse has given me her blessing, but if any of you Twitterarti out there think differently, could you let me know who I should approach? Cheers.   I painted a portrait of Amy some years back, and this will feature in the exhibition as well. As regards this piece,  the detail is a small part of a much larger work and I am inspired here by the wonderful street art of @whoamirony on Instagram.   I will of course have a woman in the foreground somewhere doing something related to the streetart, but which changes…
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‘Killer Heels are not for Rabbits either’. 16.08.18

  This is the third and last painting incorporating the amazing street art of Alex Lucas (@lucas_antics on Instagram). Her work is very visible in and around Bristol and I asked her if I could use some of her work in my own pieces.  She kindly agreed. This rabbit can be found on the outside of the shop that sells her work exclusively in Stokes Croft (@thelittleshopinbristol) and I was particularly drawn to the slightly world weary view in the rabbit’s eyes. I decided to leave out all the detailed black lines in the areas surrounding the rabbit as I thought it would detract from the composition. I decided on humour in this work rather than the more political angle of my last work (Picking Up On An Uncertain World, see recent blogs).  So I placed my female sitting wearily down next to the rabbit rubbing her sore ankle as she takes off her high heeled knock’em dead red stilettos.   They are indeed beautiful shoes as is her whole outfit, but the things we do in the name of fashion eh? I am not entirely sure whether the rabbit would ever have considered wearing shoes like these however. If…
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