Detail from new work in progress. 02.05.18

This will be a street art themed painting eventually, but this week I have been concentrating on getting the young woman in place in the composition.  So far so good. I am incorporating a (as I have now found out) a copy of a Banksy painting showing a girl on a swing.  The original was painted under a sign saying PARKing and this artist’s copy isn’t as detailed as Banksys.  I haven’t been able to find out where and who painted it, so am going ahead regardless and hope I won’t be sued…. My working title, so far, will be either ‘Babysitting’ or ‘Modern Babysitting’ depending on what I feel like when the piece is finished.  It’s my take on the fact that the young seem to spend most of their time these days glued to their smart phones, to the detriment of enjoying babysitting, albeit for a stencil on a wall ! This painting is in oils and is on canvas board. If you would like to be kept up to date with what I am up to in the next few weeks please sign up for my Newsletter at the top of the Home page.  I am also…
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‘It Will All Be Ok’. Completed 18.04.2018

I saw the work of @MyDogSighs here in Bristol last year for Upfest the  annual urban art festival.  Street artists from all over the world descend on North Street, the street where I live, producing the most amazing street art and graffiti on every available wall, hoarding etc. I particularly like his ‘Hug’ street art images and obtained his permission to incorporate this work into my own composition.  For this piece I have persuaded lovely Emily White (@ablemabeldesigns) to be my muse.  She has a fabulous collection of Forties/Fifties inspired clothes  and is wearing one of her vibrant dresses for this painting.  She also works at @rhubarbjumble which sells beautiful retro clothes and furniture.  Pop in and have a look at 52 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol just up the road from my studio. My idea is that she is deep in thought, possibly worrying about a problem and the Hug is comforting her, hence the title.  You, the viewer, will have your own thoughts.   I like placing my trademark woman in  a situation which changes the dynamic of the 2D street art, bringing art to life and vice versa. If you would like to be kept up to date…
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‘Always Looking Down’. 28/04/2018

Last year I was wandering down North Street in Bristol, the street on which I live, looking at all the amazing street art and graffiti that makes up Upfest (Urban Paint Festival).  This takes place every year and loads of street artists from all over the world descend on my street to paint every available wall space, hoarding etc with beautiful, sometimes humourous street art. I carried on down to Ashton Gate football stadium (home to Bristol City) and then came across this wonderful street art hand painted by  Have a look at the original on Instagram.  With his permission I have used part of it in my own composition and will tag him into my Instagram feeds. This work is called ‘Always Looking Down’ because it seems a sad indictment of today’s society that we all spend  our time looking down on our smart phones and miss the beauty that surrounds us, in this case that fabulous hand. I try and paint my women doing something that relates to the street art so the dynamic of the 2d painting is changed by the presence of the 3D woman, bringing art to life and vice versa. If you would…
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