‘Sun Seekers’. Completed 13.03.2019

This is my first experiment with gold leaf and I have enjoyed the process.  It adds colour and vibrancy to the monotone shades of the streetart and highlights the girl standing gazing up into the sun.  I have not used real gold leaf as I can’t afford it (yet), but I am happy with the outcome. I painted a small piece first (18 x 24 cm) to test out a) the composition and b) the use of the goldleaf and it sold the day it went into the gallery   North Gallery on North Street here in Bedminster, Bristol, UK ( so I felt I was doing something right. I saw the street artist @pietrodriguez painting this wonderful street art opposite where I live on North Street, home to the Urban Paint Festival known as Upfest and asked his permission to use it in my composition.  He kindly agreed.  I am indebted to Emily White as my muse for this piece (@ablemabeldesigns). I have titled this artwork ‘Sun Seekers’ as both girl and street art are looking upwards in search of the sun. Hopefully this piece will be available to buy from Great White Art gallery ( in Bristol once…
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New work in progress January 2019

My apologies for the long break from my Blog.  My partner died from very brutal and swift cancer and I have had to rethink my life, ideas for the future etc.   Losing the man who was indeed my ‘North, South, East and West’ or however that poem goes, has made me realise life is short and I needed to slow down and take stock. But life of course does have to go on, and I just have to paint, it is in my DNA.  So here we go for 2019.  I will be following the less is more train of thought, though, think. This lady leaning back enjoying the sunshine is not completed yet, but the groundwork is in.  She is going to form part of a street art themed piece featuring the wonderful work of @pietrodriguez (have a look at my Instagram page to see which artwork of his I am using ). I watched Piet painting this streetart during Upfest last year, the urban paint festival held on my street here in Bristol, UK, every year.  I just thought his work was amazing and with his kind permission I now have  a new composition to work on.…
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‘Back to Black’ completed 18.10.2018

I had previously given a different piece this title, but decided this painting lent itself more to it.  The blonde woman with her back to the black haired Amy.   The previous painting (see recent Blogs) is now to be called ‘You Know I’m No Good’ which is the work with Amy wearing Union Jack wings. Both these artworks and three others will be on show along with recent  paintings from Bristol at Roy’s People Art Fair in London to be held from 1-4 November.  The exhibition is at Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf  and I will be there for the duration. Please come along and introduce yourself to me as I welcome meeting people and talking about my work. I decided to paint a small series of works for the Art Fair based around Amy Winehouse, one of  my heroines.  In this work, the very modern woman of our times is so busy on her smartphone she is completely oblivious to her surroundings and the stunning street art behind her.  This particular street art is in Camden, Amy’s stomping ground and I knew I had to feature it in my own composition. If you would like to be kept up…
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