Technical Glitches! And new paintings

First and foremost, my apologies over a technical glitch.  I was fortunate in that a prospective buyer emailed me having had no response to the enquiry sent through the Contact Form on my site here.  I would have had no idea there was a problem, so I am very grateful for that email and the Contact Form has now been removed.  If you HAVE tried to contact me that way, may I suggest you contact me via my email and I will respond immediately.  Thanks. North Gallery Workspace will be reopening on the 4 July, with appropriate social distancing measures put in place.  I am very excited about this as it is a Gallery run by artists and up until lockdown had been doing very well.  We have been busy repainting and refurbishing the space and are going to be increasing our online presence big time.  I will be updating information here, so keep looking ! I have been inundated with commissions recently for the small fruit/veg/donut paintings so please bear with me time wise.  I really enjoy painting these and welcome commissions so please get in touch to discuss colours, subjects etc.  I am thinking of painting  lipsticks…
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New Catalogue Available. 30/04/2020

Many of you will know that I have recently been diversifying and painting these small fruit and vegetable paintings.  These have been proving popular, so I am experimenting with different subjects,  the most recent being donuts, particularly the Krispy Kreme variety as they are bright and colourful.  Someone said to me once that they don’t even like donuts, but for some strange reason are drawn to my donut paintings and again these are selling well. I am today having fun painting my first flower in the same style, bright, cheerful colours with pronounced shadows.  Today it’s a Californian Poppy, that wonderful bright yellow and orange contrasting against a turquoise blue background.  It will be up on the website next week. As a result of increased sales, I am often being asked on my Instagram page whether I have a catalogue of available paintings.  Normally customers trawl through my Instagram page and then contact me direct to ask if a certain painting is available to buy.  Now at last I have set up a Catalogue where you can just click through to buy the painting of your choice, and I have even sorted out shipping and postal prices (tracking included).  …
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Painting in the Pandemic. April 2020

  These are difficult and and upsetting times.  Like everyone in the world at the moment, I am worried for the  future for myself, my loved ones,  the NHS, the list is endless. What I have found very strange though at the moment, is that my art is suddenly selling very well.  I was not expecting this.    I can only put it down to this:  people are not able to go to pubs, clubs and restaurants etc.,  so they are at home looking at their social media.  They are looking at and buying art.  And they seem to like my fruit and veg paintings.   I  think this may be because they are small, affordable and fun.   They are also painted in cheerful bright colours.   Who knows?  But I am very grateful.   People are buying 2 or 3 to go in their kitchens.   They are asking me to paint specific subjects in specific colours;   I am happy to oblige. The most recent request was for donuts !  The Krispy Kreme variety.  Why not?  They are colourful, cheerful and a bit of sugar in these uncertain times is perhaps no bad thing. At the moment,…
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