‘Lennon’ work in progress 03/01/18

This is the start of a private commission for someone very dear to my heart who has a desperately serious illness. The original street art painting of this wonderful image is on the wall of a supermarket near me on North Street in Bristol, UK.   I watched the artist @kobra painting this in bright vivid colours last summer.  It is massive and very beautiful and I am beyond sad to think it will be painted over next summer.  Such is the nature of street art, it is ephemeral.  Upfest is held every year on my street (urban paint festival) and although I absolutely love seeing the works being created, I hate seeing these wonderful pieces being painted over eventually. I have sought and received Kobra’s permission to paint my black and white version of John Lennon.  I have reassured him it is a private commission and I will not be printing posters etc from the finished painting. I am enjoying the change painting in black and white.  Normally I never use black, preferring to mix ultramarine and burnt sienna to get different tones of black.  For this work however, I am using only Lamp Black and Zinc White from which…
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‘Unguarded Moment’. Completed. 28/12/17

This is a smaller piece, 35 x 25 cm (13 x 9”) and is oil on Ampersand board, unframed as yet. I had painted the larger piece, Tongue In Cheek, on deep canvas and then decided I would like to feature the second part of the amazing Krishna Malla’s street art (@krishnamalla) in another composition; it seemed such a waste to not incorporate the other half into a painting. This time however, I am using Ampersand board, which I like to use for my smaller works.  It gives a lovely smooth finish which helps with the more detailed work needed in a small painting. I feel I have found my niche with using street art in my figurative paintings ….Miche’s Niche haha.   Living on North Street in Bristol I always have an endless supply of wonderful graffiti and street art being  supplied for  Upfest, the urban paint festival held here each year, and I am anxious to preserve these before they get painted over the following year. If you would like to be kept up to date with what I am up to in the next few weeks please sign up for my Newsletter at the top of the…
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New work in progress. 22/12/17

A new work in progress and along the lines of ‘Tongue In Cheek’ completed recently and on my website. This is a much smaller piece and is painted on Ampersand board as opposed to deep canvas.  It will give a smoother finish when it is finished. The large mouth is the second part of a street art painting I saw being painted by the wonderful street artist @krishnamalla last year at Upfest (urban paint festival that takes place on the street where I live in Bristol every year.  It is more to scale than the ‘Tongue In Cheek’ work, and as yet I don’t have a working title.  Any ideas please from fellow Twitterarti or Instagrammers?!  Please look at past blogs here on my website to see more of my thinking on preserving street art in my own paintings. I always seek the street artists’ permission to use their work in my own compositions. If you would like to be kept up to date with what I am up to in the next few weeks please sign up for my Newsletter at the top of the Home Page.  I am also on Twitter and Instagram and have a Facebook page…
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