New work in progress. 29.11.17

A new work in progress featuring the art of street artist @krishnamalla Krishna Malla.   I saw this artist at work during Upfest last summer down at Ashton Gate Football Stadium.  Upfest (Urban Paint Festival) is held each year on North Street, Bristol, the street where it just so happens I live.  Street artists from all over the globe descend on North Street and it has now spread farther around the area including this year for the first time the football home stadium of Bristol City. I have adapted Krishna Malla’s piece to suit my composition and have his permission to use the work.  Street art disappears over time and I want to preserve some of this wonderful work for the future in my own paintings.  I have added a touch of humour placing my trademark woman bending over to adjust her shoe strap just as the mouth is about to bite her bum.  Juvenile perhaps, but it does draw the eye in. I am looking forward to getting down to the detail next week once the paint has dried.  In the meantime I shall be starting a smaller similar work.  Watch this space. If you would like to be…
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‘You can be as naughty as you want, just don’t get caught’. 17.11.2017

I came across the extraordinary work of street artist @therealbambistreetartist or Bambi and have become a big fan, particularly anything to do with Amy Winehouse who is one of my heroines. I discovered the Princess Diana graffiti and thought it might work in one of my paintings. I am interested in preserving street art as it is so often painted over, and this way someone can have a piece of street art by buying my work. I love the way Diana is portrayed as Mary Poppins being looked up to by the grandchildren she never met. I also liked the quirky touch of the Harrods bag ! The words sprayed on the wall are words she said to Wills and Harry when they were small boys. To make the picture my own composition, I have as always added in my trade mark woman, but this time she is going to have a passing resemblance to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, mother of George and Charlotte. She is walking past the graffiti because she has never met Diana and is walking into the sunshine, leaving behind the rain necessitating Diana’s umbrella. I am always interested in any other feedback on my work.…
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‘Sunshine and Showers’ underpainting 01/11/17

Very much an underpainting still, so maybe a bit confusing to the viewer. I am a huge fan of the street artist known as Bambi (@therealbambistreetartist on Instagram) and she is also known as the female Banksy apparently. Her work featuring Princess Diana as Mary Poppins gave me the inspiration for this work.  Her original is much smaller than as shown here, but I wanted to have the woman walking away with the pink umbrella to be of similar height and to bear a passing resemblance to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.  The two children stencilled on the wall are Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Further down the line, I will be adding in the words Diana said to Princes William and Harry when they were young : ‘You can be naughty as you want, just don’t get caught ‘.  These will be in big red stencilled letters as per Bambi’s original work and should pull the painting together. I am deliberately painting ‘Kate’ walking past and away from Diana because life has to go on …… If you would like to be kept up to date with what I am up to in the next few weeks please sign up…
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